Decided to buy my own pair of punching gloves

Punching gloves come in a broad range of sizes and weights these days, and so I found it particularly difficult to get the perfect pair until I went online and did a bit of research on my own. Rest assured, there are many websites that can help you as I’ve seen that people go to extreme lengths to put together long and sometimes very detailed buyer’s guides that can help you choose the right product.


In my experience, the first thing you have to do is look at yourself. Not necessarily in the mirror. Consider your weight, how tall you are, and your skills before you go out and buy the first pair that you see. Believe it or not, brands matter a whole deal, because the ones that have been on the market for a decent amount of time know how to develop their products in such a way so that they fail to disappoint the user. I do sparring, which is to say that I don’t train for competitions and such. The whole purpose of my workout routine is to hit the bag at home and go to the studio whenever I have the time. Because of my job, I can’t always devote several hours per week for the training sessions, which is why I try to make the most on my own. Although I thought it would be difficult to stick to a training routine in the first place, I found that hitting the heavy bag every two days or so is actually an easy thing to do.



Sparring gloves are different from bag or training ones, which is why I had to get two separate pairs. One I’ll use when training with another person at the studio and the other I’ll use on my own. Initially, I thought of getting a pair of training gloves because technically, they would work well under both circumstances. However, I’ve noticed that they haven’t been constructed with the needs of the person wearing them and the ones of the opponent in mind. I have no intention injuring my opponent when I practice at the studio, so that’s why I eventually chose a sparring pair, as well. What I can say about the latter is that they’re considerably bigger than the ones I use on a regular basis, in that they have way more padding and, therefore, they offer more protection.


The next thing I did was contemplate the popular brands out there. From what I learned by doing a bit of research, some of the critically acclaimed manufacturers in this field are Everlast, Title, and Rival. I tried out several products to make sure that I got the best size. Of course, I’m a victim of sales and discounts as much as anyone else, so I decided to order two Everlast pairs online, from Amazon. I couldn’t be more satisfied with both of them, so I guess you could say I am an Everlast endorser. For now, I haven’t tried other products manufactured by the same company, but I’m always looking to see what they’re about to release.

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