Easy exercises that I used to do when I got back into working out regularly



Easy exercises that I used to do when I got back into working out regularly


Okay, I must confess. There was a time I got a little off track from my workout program. There were family commitments to attend to, and I got stuck with overtime at work. This caused me to slack off on my exercise routine, and eventually, there was no routine to speak of any longer.

I felt I had a good routine going up until all the unexpected things happened. At first, it was just a few missed workouts and then all of a sudden, the routine just didn’t exist at all. I panicked because finding a motivation boost wasn’t easy.


Starting all over again

What I did was to start with something easy. I did not attempt to get back on track where I had left off, for that would’ve been foolish. I did not want to go big with a vigorous weight session, so I did the sensible thing: I got outdoors and did light jogging plus brisk walking. It was a way to get myself moving.

Because I felt good after that despite its smallness, it succeeded at getting me to push on and get back to pursuing my healthy habits.


Committing to small pockets of exercise time

Because long workouts felt too much, I just decided to dedicate five minutes to working out each day. This was a lot less daunting compared to doing a full workout. You know what? Once I was up and going, it eventually became more effortless to keep going. Five minutes was enough to make me see where I could end up.


Then I got serious with a comeback workout

My comeback workout consisted of 12 weeks in total. For the first week till the fourth, there were 12 to 15 repetitions. On day one, I did cable pulldowns, cable rows, side lateral and front dumbbell raises, along with bent-over rear deltoid rows.

On day 2, I did triceps extensions and close-grip bench extensions. There were also barbell squats and lying leg curls along with dumbbell calf raises. Day 3 was about hammer curls and EZ-Bar Preacher curls. I also did incline bench presses and dumbbell flies.

Weeks 5 till 8 involved 8 to 10 reps of the exercises. Day 1 was for barbell rows and pull-ups along with seated dumbbell presses, cable seated rear lateral raises and side lateral raises. Day 2, I dedicated to barbell lunges, barbell calf raises and standing leg curls.

I worked on my biceps through triceps pushdowns and bench dips. For day 3, dumbbell flies and dips were for my chest, close-grip barbell shrugs worked for my tarps, and concentration curls plus chin ups were for my biceps.

From weeks nine till 12, there were 4 to 6 reps, with day one consisting of bent-over dumbbell rows and weighted pull ups for my back; side lateral raises, barbell military presses and bent-over rear deltoid rows for my shoulders.


On day 2, I did lying triceps extensions and triceps dips, along with stiff legged deadlifts, dumbbell calf raises and barbell squats for my legs. Day 3 consisted of hammer curls and barbell curls, dumbbell shrugs and dumbbell flies and weighted dips.
That comeback workout got me going because I was doing it all for myself and not anyone else. What do you know, I am back in ‘fighting’ form with my regular workout routine. I just decided to be more consistent with my workout routine so I can enjoy my music more.



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